About Us

Genevieve Knights of Genevieve'sWho is Genevieve?

Genevieve Knights is a qualified chef, food writer and food photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Cooking professionally since the age of 17 her culinary career now spans more than two decades. From the beginning, Genevieve’s motto has been to gain the best experience possible by working for those at the top of their game – including iconic hospitality establishments like The French Café, Wheeler’s Restaurant and Austins Catering.

Over the years, Genevieve discovered a passion for recipe writing and her work has been published in most food magazines nationwide. She has also written three cookbooks - "Basic But Brilliant" in 2005 and later "Scones" and "Pavlova", which were published internationally.

She has been highly sucessful working as a food stylist, writer and recipe developer. To cope with the growth of the business, in 2015 she started working on the Genevieve's brand fulltime.

About Genevieve's

Genevieve’s started a boutique pâté maker in 2011 at La Cigale French Market in Parnell.

Since then the business has grown into a manufacturer supplying more than 80 stores nationwide with the range of parfait, mousse and dressings.

All Genevieve’s products are free of preservatives and full of exquisite flavour. Extended shelf life is gained through unique cooking technique rather than adding anything unnatural. Wherever possible they are also gluten free.